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Welcome to our media centre. You can use these online links to tap into the latest music, culture and news from Ghana and the black diaspora.
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Africa TodayNewsThe BBC’s international radio station. Listen to daily broadcasts of Network Africa and Focus on Africa.
Barack Obama Victory SpeechNewsA great moment in history for black people everywhere. Democratic Senator Barack Obama makes his first speech as President-elect of the United States after defeating rival John McCain. 5 November 2008.
GhanaBeatsMusicGhanaian music.
GhanaWavesMusicWeb radio that covers news, politics, sports and pop culture.
Ghanaweb Live RadioMusicLinks to numerous Ghanaian online radio stations.
Kofi B - Akua AtaaMusicThe Ghanaian song Akua Ataa by Kofi B.
Kokoveli - AlelekekeleMusicThe song Alelekekele by Kokoveli featuring Batman and KK Fosu.
MusekeMusicGhanaian and African music and lyrics.
MyGhanaRadioMusicGhanaian music.
MyJoyOnlineNewsNews from Ghana plus live radio. Updated daily.
Telediaspora.netNewsDaily television news from Ghana and Cameroon.
The GullahCultureThe Gullah people of the USA.
WulomeiMusicBeautiful Ga tune from Ghana. The group is called Wulomei. Name of song unknown.
Wulomei - MeridianMusicMeridian is a song by Wulomei, a folk music group from the Accra coast of Ghana. Laced with a story, in typical folklore fashion, this song describes how a young man tried to invite a young woman out to a dinner dance at the Meridian Hotel.